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    10/10/2014: Aphtix (TuliMed - Wellfor) Switzerland

    10/10/2014: Decubex (TuliMed - Wellfor) Switzerland

    10/10/2014: HerpesEX (TuliMed - Wellfor) Switzerland

    10/10/2014: HerpesEX intim (TuliMed - Wellfor) Switzerland

    1/9/2014: Respira (Medi-Direct - UK)

    1/9/2014: Hoodia patches (Absonutrix - USA)

    1/9/2014: Fucoxanthin patches (Absonutrix - USA)

Latest News 1/9/2014

We expanded our portfolio with the very prestigious derma fillers Jalor style, Jalor re-style and Jalor intense, the products of the well-known of high quality Swiss manufacturer, Xcelens SA. Ladies in our region will enjoy the longest duration facial filler ever!

Latest News 15/9/2014

We successfully finalized the agreement with the R&D US pharmaceutical company TA Sciences to market its unique tolemerase enzyme activator TA65 in markets of Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain

Latest News 19/9/2014

We are proud to contract with DIRINCO, the major worldwide manufacturer of Dialysis instruments and accessories to market and distribute its flagship product Citra-Lock in markets of Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain

Latest News 2/7/2014

Our first private label and exclusive product in Gulf, North Africa and whole Middle East, Abco-D3 is being manufactured as the highest concentration of Vit-D by Abcocid - USA and soon available in Kuwaiti market and to expand to more than 20 countries in the region

Latest News 15/7/2014

5 Anti-Allergic products for adults and kids are added from allergy treatment pioneer, BioAlleres-USA to help our people to overcome the very common seasonal allergy symptoms effectively and naturally.

Latest News 5/8/2014

More than 100 FDA laboratories products of the US specialized manufacturer, Diazyme are being registered and imported to our market exclusively for Kuwaital Pharma.

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